What is a kamado?

Cooking food on a kamado is an ancient cooking method. About 3000 years ago people started cooking in large ceramic pots in China. The kamado BBQs as we know them today do not look at all like the pots from that time. The kamado that comes closer to what we now use was developed in Japan. This tasteful and carefree way of preparing food was taken by the Americans after the 2nd World War to their own country where it quickly became more popular. Since 2007, the kamado BBQ has been available in Europe. 

A unique BBQ 
What distinguishes a kamado from a normal BBQ is its versatility. Thanks to the good insulation of the ceramic and very accurate temperature regulation, it is possible to use a kamado for a very wide selection of cooking techniques. With the Grill Guru kamado and accessories, in addition to normal BBQing you can also slow-cook, smoke hot and cold, braise, bake pizzas and use a rotisserie. Dishes taste better on a kamado because the charcoal gives the product a delicious smoky flavour.