Lighting the kamado

When all the steps of the preparation have been completed, it is time to light the kamado. 

  • During the first 3 uses of the kamado, the charcoal should be lit in one place only. If the charcoal is lit in several places at once, the temperature rises too quickly and there is a risk of the ceramic cracking. 
  • For lighting the kamado, several tools and articles can be used. One of these tools is the Grill Guru One Minute Lighter. With this tool, the charcoal can be lit quickly and safely. Other options are fire starters, but make sure they are made of natural material!  
  • Never use chemical fire starters, methylated spirits or other flammable substances with a kamado. These are dangerous and can also soak into the ceramics, which can negatively affect the taste of your dishes. 
  • When you have lit the charcoal in one place, place the Plate Setter back on the firebox, also place the ceramic Plate Setter stone in the Plate Setter. Finally, the grill can be placed on the Plate Setter. Now the lid of the kamado can be closed.