During the first 3 uses of the kamado, you are obliged to follow the following steps! Incorrect use will void the warranty. 


  • Make sure the Grill Guru kamado is always properly and securely mounted in its stand. Check that all nuts and bolts of the stand are tightened and that the wheels have brakes.  
  • Test the opening and closing of the kamado and check that the bolts on the steelwork are properly tightened and that there is no major play on the hinge. 
  • Open the Top Cap and the air slide both a little before the first 3 uses of the kamado. If they are opened too far there is a risk of cracking the ceramics. 
  • Fill the firebox halfway with charcoal only. The use of briquettes is strongly discouraged. Briquettes are made of pressed residual materials and can negatively influence the taste of your food.