Preparing for the winter

Your Grill Guru can also use some extra attention in the winter. We would like to give you a few tips!

  • Remove all charcoal
  • Remove all food residues. If you have burnt food residues, it helps to fire up your BBQ first. After cooling down you can easily remove the food residue with a BBQ brush or scraper. 
  • Leave the top and bottom ventilation fully open, this will prevent mould from forming. It also prevents unpleasant odours 
  • Place a moisture absorber in the Grill Guru 
  • Treat all steel parts such as the bolts, nuts, wheels and springs with WD-40 to prevent rust.
  • Remove the bamboo tables and store them dry. Protect the handle and the tables by lightly sanding them and then treating them with oil or varnish.
  • Preferably store your Grill Guru indoors or in a sheltered spot.
  • If you cannot bring the Grill Guru indoors, protect it with a rain cover. The rain cover protects your Grill Guru against weather and wind.  
  • During the winter, there is a chance of mould forming due to condensation. Condensation is caused by the sealing effect of the rain cover, in combination with rising damp from the ground. The condensation can cause marks, stains and/or mould on the bamboo parts of your BBQ. We therefore recommend that you remove the side-tables from the Grill Guru before covering the kamado (for a longer period) with the rain cover. Store the side tables in a dry and warm place. We recommend removing the rain cover of the BBQ every now and then allow it to air. This keeps your Grill Guru in top condition! 

The Grill Guru can be used throughout the year, even when it is freezing or there is frost on your Grill Guru. Just make sure to maintain it properly, so make sure you follow our tips.  

Caution! In the winter, the temperature differences are especially large. Let the temperature rise slowly to prevent the ceramic parts from cracking. Click here for the explanation of temperature control.