Warranty conditions

The additional manufacturer's warranty conditions can be found here 

No matter whether you buy your BBQ from us or from a dealer, the warranty remains the same! Note: this must be an authorised dealer.

This applies to both physical in-store and online purchases. Always register your purchase for the additional manufacturer's warranty. You can register here. A copy of your proof of purchase is required (please note that a debit card transaction is not a valid warranty certificate).  

Do you not have a proof of purchase/receipt?  

Won a Grill Guru: if you received your Grill Guru as an incentive from e.g. your employer or won it in a competition or the like, then you can enclose a document (letter or e-mail) as proof of warranty which shows that you received or won the Grill Guru. 

Items that are required to be listed on this are: name of giver, name of receiver (owner), which model type (size + year), owner address, owner phone number and the date of purchase. This then serves as proof of purchase. You can register it online for warranty. 

Received Grill Guru as a gift: to claim warranty, a copy of the proof of purchase is required (note: no debit card transaction). We can imagine you don't have one if you received the Grill Guru as a gift. Then request it from the giver anyway, so you can register the Grill Guru and make use of the warranty (if necessary).