Bbqing in rainy or cold weather

Even when it's freezing or raining, you can use your kamado. Whatever the weather, it's always BBQ weather! 

The kamado can be used all year round, even in freezing weather. However, some weather conditions require careful attention. In cold weather or use after a long humid period, extra care is needed when lighting and heating up the kamado. In this case, always build up the temperature slowly and do not immediately fire above 200 degrees Celsius, but save it for the next grilling session.

In cold and/or humid weather, make sure you let the temperature rise as slowly as possible. This prevents cracking and/or snapping of the ceramic. 

To let the temperature rise slowly, start with the top cap and damper only slightly open. You can gradually open these a little further and further, to let the temperature rise. So have a little patience.  

Do you use a protective cover? Great! This protects your kamado from dirt, but not from frost. Specifically for the wet season and winter, there are additional maintenance tips. You can find them here.