General maintenance & cleaning

After a delicious meal, you can fire up the Grill Guru (Top Cap and air slide open). You can then use a BBQ brush to easily remove grease/pet residue from the grid. Small charcoal residues can be removed with an Ash Poker. To prevent rust on the grill grid, we recommend greasing it with vegetable oil or the Grill Guru Care spray. Use an oil that can withstand high temperatures. Olive oil is not suitable.   

Regularly remove the ashes from the bottom of the Grill Guru with the poker. After a maximum of 4 uses, clean the barbecue completely by removing the inner rings (the firebox and firering) and wiping them clean with a dustpan and brush. 

Warning! When cleaning, hold the Grill Guru and do not leave the lid open. The Grill Guru can fall over due to the lack of counterweight. 

In principle, the Grill Guru can be left outside the whole year. Do you want to keep the Grill Guru at its best? Cover it with a rain cover especially for the Grill Guru.  

The felt gasket that serves as a seal between the ceramic lid and base (dome) must be replaced after being used about 40 times. If it is replaced too late, the Grill Guru can be damaged, and/ or begins to fay. The felt must be replaced if it becomes flat and/or slippery. Also leaking smoke is often a sign that the felt needs to be replaced.