Preparing for Summer

After the winter months your BBQ can use some extra attention. The following tips will ensure that your BBQ is completely ready for a nice summer season.  

  • Remove old coal residue.
  • Fill the firebox half full of coals
  • Always light the BBQ in one place. If you light it in several places, there is a big chance that you will lose control over the temperature because the temperature will rise too quickly.
  • Let the temperature rise as slowly as possible the first 3 times. This prevents the ceramics from cracking or breaking. Click here for an explanation of temperature control.
  • Try not to let the temperature rise above 150 degrees Celsius for 3 hours. This will pull the "winter moisture" out of the kamado.
  • Let your charcoal burn down slowly .
  • Has mould developed on the inside of your kamado during the winter? Don't worry - follow the summer preparation steps and the mould will disappear or check out these tips on treating mould.
  • Has mould developed on the outside? You can remove it by wiping your kamado with soapy water to which you add a small dash of bleach or mild detergent. Then wipe it thoroughly with a clean cloth and plenty of water so that you remove the (bleach) suds completely.
  • After these steps, your Grill Guru is ready for the start of a new BBQ season.